Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Hairspiration


Now that Fall has officially rolled in, I thought I'd share some Hair Inspiration I've coveted in my Inspiration File. One of the reasons why I love Fall so much is because you can let your hair down and just bask in its warmth. Hair can be cute and functional! Ran out the door and forgot your scarf? No problemo, just let your hair tumble down- et voila, you're warmed up!  How weird/awesome does that sound? 

Anyway, my all-time favorite hair trends for the Fall season includes soft, relaxed waves and messy up-dos. Below is a trio of my most beloved hair inspiration pics I've stumbled upon in the past few years. To the left is, of course, one of America's beloved Olsen twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can do no wrong in my eyes (sorry, I grew up watching their movies & supporting their empire). And to the right, two beautifully ribbon-wrapped ponytails that just scream whimsical to me. There are so many ways to style a ponytail, but something about an effortless, medium-low ponytail entwined with a soft ribbon just makes me think Fall. The top hairstyle is displayed with a neutral brown silk ribbon and the bottom hairstyle is displayed with a velvet ribbon. These two ponytails show how much texture and color can play a part in styling hair. The ribbon in the top photo is a shade very similar to the model's hair color and the texture is smooth- showing a more ethereal style. The bottom ribbon, a velvet material, holds more weight and the color contrasts with the girl's hair beautifully- demonstrating a more out-of-the-box and edgy, but still simple, way to style hair. 

What are your favorite Fall hairstyles? Comment below!

xo AL 

*Disclaimer: Photos do not belong to me. 

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