Friday, September 6, 2013

A Review: L'Oreal EverCrème Sulfate-Free Moisture System™ Nourishing Leave-In Spray


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L'Oreal EverCrème Sulfate-Free Moisture System™ Nourishing Leave-In Spray

I've recently had to deal with frizzy, brittle, and damaged hair due to dying my hair in June (you can read about it here). I've colored my hair multiple times in the past, but this time around my hair has just not been cooperating. In attempt to "return" my hair back to its natural texture, which is smooth and tangle-free, I have been trying out  L'Oreal's EverCrème Sulfate-Free Moisture System™ Nourishing Leave-In Spray.

 And I have come to conclusion that I love it! 

It mainly interested me because it is a vegan product and doesn't have heavy waxes. In addition to the fact that I have not used a L'Oreal product since I was a child (I loved their fish-shaped packaging). The L'Oreal website states that:

"...Infused with Omega-3 and 6, this lightweight conditioning treatment nourishes hair and restores hydration. Hair is instantly detangled, smoothed and healthy-looking—without any weighdown."

I can attest that this leave-in-conditioner does leave hair "detangled, smooth, and healthy-looking", but most importantly it makes my hair feel healthy. It is recommended that the spray is used with the EverCrème Shampoo and Conditioner, but I believe that the product does a fantastic job on its own. I finger-comb the conditioner when my hair's damp to wet, starting at ear-level and ending at my roots, and allow my hair to air dry overnight. I then wake up to smooth, light-weight, frizz-free hair in the morning! One downfall is that this product isn't great to use on dry hair because it can have the opposite effect it has on wet hair: dry and a little heavy. 

All in all, I definitely recommend this leave-in-conditioner to anyone looking for something to tame damaged hair. 

:) AL 

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   Photo Credit: 2013 L'Oreal Paris


  1. Have you tried the Elvive range? How would you compare them? I have previously tried the Elvive range and I found it just made my hair oily without actually doing anything. Although I'd be willing to try another L'Oreal product as long as it wasn't similar to the Elvive leave-in conditioner. Lovely post :)

    Debra Bros Blog

    1. Hi! Sorry, I've never even heard of Elvive- but I shall look into them! How close do you spray the conditioner to your roots? Maybe you can have another go with the Elvive conditioner by just applying it to the lower parts of your hair.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Very nice post. I've been looking for a good leave in for a while & I'm really happy i saw this. very happy to have come across this blog!

    x leah symonne x

    1. Glad to know that my opinions are helping out others!

      :) AL