Thursday, August 25, 2016

ULTA Makeup Removing Towel Set Review

Hey everyone!

Credit: Ulta
Let me start off by saying that I love my makeup routine. And I wear makeup almost everyday. What I don't love is taking it all off at the end of the day. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling of wiping off nasty ass, worn foundation but I'm so lazy at the end of the day that it's a task to complete my nighttime skincare regimen. But what I've found recently has made the first step of my skincare routine, which is wiping off as much as I can without washing my face, dare I say, kind of fun. I know. The drama

So what I am referring to is the ULTA Makeup Removing Towel Set. They're petite 7" by 7" microfiber cloths that are fantastic at removing foundation, concealer, bronzer, brow pomade- basically anything besides waterproof mascara. What I used to use, which is the Honest™ 3-in-1 facial towelettes, are amazing. They do a great job as far as moistened towelette abilities go, but they never fully removed everything. And they’re the best that I’ve used so far. And I’ve used many. But with these cloths, you are able to remove way more than wipes allow for (but like I said, not including wp mascara). All you do is wet the cloth with water, wipe away your makeup, hand wash it, and then hang to dry (attached are orange tabs you can utilize). Or use a washer and dryer; it’s up to you. 

Another great perk to these cloths are that, by swapping these out with your traditional makeup removing wipes, you eliminate a portion of single-use products from your life. Which means you create less waste. These cloths have more longevity than a pack of 20-something wipes. So you also save money. #win

And for all my sensitive skin ladies (or men) out there, you can chill because these cloths don’t have any chemicals that you may be allergic to in them. 

So, basically, these microfiber cloths are my newest faves. And I'm already planning on gifting these as Christmas and birthday presents. Just try them out. They're cheaper than continuously buying makeup removing wipes, they don't contain chemicals, they're easy to use, they don't tug at the skin- you get the point.

Let me know if you try these out!

PS: Microfiber cloths are not a new creation so I'm sure you can find some on Amazon for less money.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fiona Stiles Matte Finish Foundation Concentrate Review + Swatch: Shade 05

Hi there!

Today's review is on the Fiona Stiles Matte Finish Foundation Concentrate in shade 05.

Fiona Stiles is an acclaimed makeup artist, so right away I trusted that her products were of great quality. And I was not wrong in doing so...kind of.

The packaging of the foundation feels so high-end and sturdy. It's got a convenient pump, it's bottled in a frosted glass container, and the cap has a cool, purple, geometric design. For its $30.00 price tag I was impressed. 

Shade 05

As for the actual product, I found the foundation to have a medium, natural finish rather than a matte finish. While I am disappointed that it doesn't truly give me a matte appearance, I surprisingly like the natural finish of it. Because it's not matte it gives me a "my skin but better" look- which I love because I don't look like I have cake face and my fine lines and dry spots aren't accentuated too much. 

But to see if I could mattify the foundation, I tried using a couple of primers underneath it.  
First, I tried layering Soap & Glory's One Heck of a Blot primer underneath. And then I tried out Smashbox's Photo Finish primer. And then I tried out a combination of the two. But alas, neither of the primers had much of an effect on mattifying the foundation or my face. I also found setting it with powder to not have much of an effect either.

As for the shade range, there are 10 shades available on I found shade 04 to be a little too pink for me, so I settled for shade 05. While it's a bit too tan for my skin at the moment, I am able to get away with it by blending additional product down my neck. 

Bottom Line

The foundation doesn't give a truly matte finish, so be aware when making your purchasing decision. But also keep in mind that makeup reacts differently for everyone. While it isn't matte on my skin, it could be matte on yours. 

All in all, I'm a fan. I'm definitely going to try out more of Fiona Stiles' makeup. I've already got my eye on one of her eyeshadow quads and her highlighting stylo. 

I hope this was helpful for some of you!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Favorite IT Brushes For Ulta: #110 Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush + Dual Ended Highlight/Define Brush

Welcome back!

Today's post is all about my favorite, must have IT Brushes For Ulta.

They include the #110 Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush and the highlight/define dual ended brush from the 'Your Contour Must-Haves Set'. With these two brushes, I am able to apply my foundation, concealer, and powder effortlessly.

#110 Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush

I think this brush is perfect for those looking for a brush that can help create a full coverage look with liquid foundation. It's able to provide full coverage because of its densely packed bristles. I also use this brush when I spot conceal; and, in a pinch, I can blend out under eye concealer. 

If you're looking for a brush that doesn't offer as much coverage, the #101 brush might suit your fancy!

Dual Ended Highlight/Define Brush

This dual ended brush is meant to be used to contour and highlight the face, but I don't use it for those purposes. 

I use the 'define' end to blend out my under eye concealer and to blend away any foundation that settles into fine lines. I think it's the perfect size to fit in the under eye area (it's about the size of a dime).

I use the 'highlight' end to powder my under eye area and my face. It's a fluffy paddle brush that lays nicely on the face.  

'Define' end
'Highlight' end; frontal view
'Highlight' end; side view
Bottom Line

If you're looking for a foundation brush that gives full coverage, the #110 brush is for you. If you are looking for multipurpose brush that allows you to contour, highlight, blend, or powder, the dual ended brush from the 'Your Contour Must-Haves Set' would be ideal for you. These brushes are pricey, but I think that quality brushes are essential for building the perfect base. 

A final note, makeup brushes can be used however you choose. You can use them for their intended purposes or play around with them to see if they fulfill any other needs. 

I hope this was helpful!
Allison <3

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Nyx Gotcha Covered Concealer versus It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

Hi there!

Today's post is all about the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer and the Nyx Gotcha Covered concealer

First off, Bye Bye Under Eye is meant for the under eye area (but of course you could apply this anywhere on the face) while Gotcha Covered does not specify where one should apply the product. But based on its thick consistency and finish, I have been using Gotcha Covered solely on my under eye areas. 

Here's a swatch of Nyx Gotcha Covered in Light and It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in Neutral Medium

To preface, Bye Bye Under Eye has been my go-to under eye concealer since about December. It's got great coverage, it's moisturizing, it's easy to apply, and a little goes a long way. But after getting close to running out of the product, I started looking for a new under eye concealer because it doesn't fully cover my dark circles (and I do color correct) and it's a bit pricey for my liking (it's $24.00 at Ulta). I quickly found out about Gotcha Covered and ordered it from Here are my thoughts:

It's affordable
It's highly pigmented (but still doesn't fully cover my dark circles)
It comes in 10 shades (Bye Bye Under Eye has 4 shades)
It's not drying
It doesn't crease as much as Bye Bye Under Eye
It has compact & simple packaging

It has a slippery, greasy finish if not set with powder
It doesn't last as long as Bye Bye Under Eye

Bottom Line
If you're on a budget and want a wider shade range, try out Gotcha Covered. I think that the two products are pretty similar in that their textures are the same (thick, smooth, & glossy), they offer about the same coverage, they're both packaged in convenient squeeze tubes, and they're non-drying on the under eye area. Overall, I don't think you can go wrong with either one of them.

Hope this was helpful,

Friday, April 15, 2016

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Foundation Review + Swatch: Happy Medium

Hi there!

So today I bring you another review- this time on Soap & Glory's new One Heck of a Blot Foundation. (If you want a quick rundown of pros & cons scroll down)

To preface, I always set my foundation with a setting powder; so I don't know how this foundation acts on its own.

The foundation claims to last for 12 hours on the skin, provide full coverage, blur away imperfections, and control shine. And all for $19.00!

What's unique about this liquid foundation is that it dries to a powder finish (which I believe is how it helps absorb and control oils). I've got dehydrated skin that becomes oily throughout the day, and I think that this foundation does do a pretty good job at keeping shininess at bay (I find that I do end up being a little shiny).

There are some cons to this product. I find that it can accentuate any dry spots and there are only 4 shades available (I bought the second to the last darkest shade).

Above you can see a swatch of it compared to MAC's Pro Longwear Foundation in NC25. The swatch comparison clearly shows that the two foundation shades do not match, but once Happy Medium is blended onto skin it's not as "dark". I would guess that Happy Medium could suit those who are about an NC25-30. 

Bottom Line

Easily blendable 
Easily buildable (first layer proves to be a medium coverage)
Controls shine for a good amount of time
Does not feel like a mask on the skin
Affordable (especially with Ulta's $3.50 off $10 coupon)
Product dispenses easily with pump

Very limited shade range (comes in Fair Enough, Cool Sand, Happy Medium, & Caramel)
Can accentuate dry spots
Doesn't keep skin completely matte all day

Overall, I recommend this product if you can find a shade that suits you.

Hope this helps!
Allison :)

PS: I apply this foundation with the It Cosmetics for Ulta brush #110

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Milani 2-in-1 Foundation Review: 01 Creamy Vanilla

Hi there!

First and foremost, I lost swatch pics and images of the foundation; but rest assured that Creamy Vanilla should match those who are about an NC20-25. I tried out shade 02 but felt that it oxidized too much. 

But what I can do is list some pros and cons of the foundation!

(Image does not belong to me:


It is medium-to-full coverage (additional concealer could be needed for some)
It is available at drugstores (where you have the option of using coupons)
It is packaged in a sleek glass bottle (with a pump!)
It does not emphasize dry spots too much
It blends easily


It's got a particular scent (so stay away if your nose is sensitive)
It does not control oil very well (but it doesn't claim to be mattifying)
The longevity is not too great (at least on my oily skin)
Limited shade ranges in stores (there are more shades available online)
It can feel "mask-like" (it can feel heavy on the face)

Bottom Line:

I recommend this foundation to those who are looking for a thick, full coverage foundation; who do not have very oily skin; and who do not mind the feeling of foundation on the skin. If you're looking for a "my-skin-but-better" foundation, look elsewhere because this foundation isn't very modest. 

Hope this was helpful!
Allison :)

PS: The finish of this foundation (on my oily skin) is satin to dewy.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer Review


After looking high and low for a review on Physicians Formula's new Butter Bronzer and not finding much, I decided to just purchase the product and try it out myself! 

To start, the product is available in two shades: Light Bronzer and Bronzer. I purchased the latter as it is the darker option, and I thought it would suit my NC25 skin more. 

My first impression of the product was, "Holy cow, this scent is insane." I assume the scent is a product of all the infused seed butters (MuruMuru, Cupuacu, & Tucuma) and any other artificial fragrances. I advise you stay away from this product if you're very sensitive to fragrances. 

As for its bronzing abilities, upon first swatch, I didn't think much of it. I actually thought that it could be used as a face powder. But alas, it can actually bronze my skin! Granted it's nothing near Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil or Benefit's Hoola bronzer. But because it's not as deep in color, you don't have to be too careful in applying it to the face. I will say that this bronzer won't do a great job of bronzing those around or above NC/NW30. Additionally, this product does have a slight sheen, but it's nothing crazy. 

To compare, I swatched both Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil and the Butter Bronzer. I did edit the photo so that the Butter Bronzer swatch could show up well enough. 

All in all, I would recommend this bronzer to those who have a fair to medium skin tone and want a product that is easy to work with. It blends easily, isn't overly pigmented, and isn't too warm or cool. I wouldn't recommend this to those who have a deeper skin tone, are sensitive to strong smells, or want a 100% matte bronzer. 

Hope this was helpful!

A final note: the packaging is bulky. It has a mirror and houses a sponge applicator (which I don't advice using for bronzing). I suggest depotting the product if you're not a fan of bulky compacts. 

Milani Lash Trifecta Mascara Review

Welcome Back!

Today's post is all about Milani's new mascara: Lash Trifecta. 

To preface, my lashes will only hold a curl if I'm using a waterproof mascara. Sadly, this product isn't waterproof. If you've got similar lashes to mine, read on to see if this mascara will suit you! 

Called the Lash Trifecta, Milani claims that it can lengthen, curl, and separate lashes. I can't attest to whether this product can curl lashes (because I've got incredibly straight lashes), but I do think that this mascara can lengthen and separate lashes. 

My belief is that flat mascara wands are able to lengthen and amp up lashes the best- and this mascara does just that! Without bristles to adjust the position of lashes and get between them (and clump them up), the straight sides of this wand are able to coat lashes evenly. 

The wand is curved with three sides (which makes a triangular prism). On each edge are its bristles. And at the very tip is a head of bristles. This wand is great because the flat sides are able to lengthen lashes, the bristles are able to help maneuver lashes, and the tip is able to apply mascara to hard-to-reach places. 

Overall, I recommend this product to anyone looking for a mascara that can lengthen and separate lashes. But if you've got really straight lashes, you may want to look elsewhere because it can weigh down on them.

Hope this was helpful!