I'm Allison, and welcome to my bog! I'm a college student, a sunny California native, mom to a sassy Poodle-mix, and a fan of makeup, fashion, and skin-care. 

I initially used Tumblr as my blog in the hey day, but that's since been bombarded by GIFs of cats. I then created another Tumblr account for fashion- to get in touch with my artsy side. But then I didn't know where to find my makeup outlet; so I created Beauty-in-Between. 

My original blog name was HashtagBeautyCray, but that was much too obnoxious for me, so I renamed it Beauty-in-Between. I found myself blogging the most between my classes, aka breaks, during my 2nd semester of my freshman year (these breaks ranged from 1hr to 4+hr). Subsequently, it just made sense to rename this "Beauty-in-Between" because "Blogging-in-Between-Classes" didn't sound as alliteratively appealing. 

Anyway! This blog will be a hub of makeup/skin care reviews, hauls, and whatever I see fit. Enjoy! 

xo Allison  

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