Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hair Story: Ombre + DIY Hair Toner


I've ombred my hair on-and-off since I was about 16, and in the beginning of Summer a friend of my friend mentioned how much she liked my ombre hair in high school. After her lovely compliment, I thought "why not do it again?" So I went to good old Target the next day, bought some hair dye, and proceeded to damage my hair until it lightened! After the first round of dying, my hair was not very brassy (and to my liking) but then my hair started to turn brown.
(Initial result)
(A few days after I dyed my hair => brown. Sadly not aff. w/ Despicable Me)


Two weeks after, I did a touch up and my hair was lighter again! 

(Touched up)
About 2 months later, my hair looks like this now: 

(Current hair color. Poopy photo quality.)
As you can see, my hair's pretty frizzy now; but I am happy with the color (the poor pictures don't do it justice. it's actually pretty blonde). In attempt to prevent inevitable brittleness, breakage, brassiness, and color fading, I've been using Joico K-Pak Color Thereapy Conditioner and a DIY Purple Toner. Of course, I try not to wash my hair too often, but these are the two main products I've been depending on. 
All I do to make the toner is fill up the container (which is just an empty ~3 oz container) with a white-colored conditioner (I use intense moisturizing conditioner, ie: the ones that come with hair dye packs, or the Joico K-Pak) and mix in a pea-size amount of semi-permanent purple hair dye. Once in the shower, I apply the toner to my hair; starting at ear level and concentrating the product at the ends. I leave the toner in for at least a minute. Ultimately, you can decide how much semi-permanent purple dye and conditioner you want to use depending on what your state of hair is. You can also mix in dye with shampoo if you've colored the upper region of your hair. I personally don't shampoo my ends and condition my head, so I only need toner for the bottom portion of my hair. 

Whew! So, I hope this has helped out anyone who is interested in ombred hair. Once California enters Fall, I want to try to tone down the lightness and transition my hair to a darker ombre. Anyway, thanks for popping by!

 xo AL

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