Sunday, June 2, 2013

30 Day Snap Failure

I'm a pretty nosy person. 'Pretty' as in I'll memorize your Wiki page if you have one. Because of my nosiness I thought I'd do the 30 Day Snap! Louise, aka Sprinkle of Glitter, just started this challenge which encompasses 30 days worth of photos to commemorate what you've done for the day. If you're a nosy person like me then you should take part too! Here's the link if you're interested- 30 Day Snap.

So today, I began the day getting my nails did! Snazzy, huh? Professional mani/pedis are a rare occasion because I always do my own nails. This is actually my second professional manicure! Gasp! Anywhoos, I ended up choosing a neon yellow/green look and I stinking love it. In the words of Rachel Zoe:  I. Die.
And then I went swimming with my best friend and chatted about girl stuff and all that jazz.

Here's a picture of a brand spanking new puppy that I met in the afternoon! She's only eight weeks old and is the epitome of a rambunctious, adorable puppy. Adorbs ain't she? 

Hope you nosy boogers out there found this a little interesting! 
:) AL

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