Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back from Europe!

This post isn't beauty related but here's a list of random blurbs I've conjured up in my jet lagged haze. If you've been to Europe or is just interested do read on.
- If you want to feel like a Hollywood celeb or the child of a UN honcho then take taxis everywhere in Rome. They're pretty much all Mercedes with tinted windows. And the drivers are usually in suits.
- I don't know how hairy people survive in Roman summers. I literally felt like my body was churning itself over and over- like when you flip your pillow over for the cooler side when it's hot & you're trying to sleep. 
- As a female who enjoys the likes of fashion and comfort, I noticed a lot of women in flat sandals. While embellished and cute, don't your feel hurt like mofos walking over cobble? I felt like Stylianos Kyriakides in my sandals which I bought in the older lady's section of Famous Footwear (the older lady's section understands the importance of arch support and feet comfort) They're cute, don't worry. 
- London is awesome for makeup shopping and British guys and cute babies with cute British accents; #allisonalert (don't worry it's nothing like amber alert. I just tend to try my damnedest to make little kids smile/laugh if they're just kicking it in their strollers or chilling on their mom's shoulder).
- Paris is awesome for people who want to break any dietary rules. Some people tend to let go of financial barriers on vacations, like they pretend that they're using play-money instead of real money (kind of like people in the 20s before the crash). Longing looks passing by leftover croissants in trash cans and a little encouragement from my traveling buds and I ate like the chubby kid in Willy Wonka. No veggies for two-ish weeks isn't a great idea but the pastries errrmaaageeeeerd! FYI, I'm back on the health train (Chipotle is healthy, like, right?).
- Rome is also awesome for people who want to break their diets. Or for those who love to carbo-load. While the food is deliciouso, I felt like I kept ordering the incorrect food. Like I unknowingly picked raviolis from Chef Boyardi instead of hard core yum stuff from your Grecian great grandmother who lives to feed you scrumptious spaghetti. 
- Gelato is always a good idea. And you cannot rag on people who get seconds- it's a rule. 
- Asian glow just looks like a really bad sunburn. I felt oddly Cheshire Catty telling people I was just red from Limoncello and that I wasn't sunburned because I had on SPF 55. I think I was just defensive about my skin care regimen (like how dare you accuse me of not reapplying sun screen when needed!)
- Steps in Europe are off by around an inch & a half. So beware.  
- Euros and British money are pretty but the coinage situation is sneaky. I'm pretty stealthy in deceiving waiters or staff into thinking I'm fluent in any language (roll your Rs and make sure your guttural throat is ready) but I literally started to sweat balls and hyperventilate when I was trying to figure out change. I was squinting at the tiny numbers on the coins & sheepishly telling people, "sorry, I'm new here." Poor natives, they probably thought I was staying longer. 
- I saw way more white American boys at the Coloseum than I have in my two decades in California. 
- Gurl, you don't need that extra grey tshirt. & do wash your undies in the shower.
- Helen Mirren is the shiet, but stay away from cider if you're going to be watching a play for 2 hours. I payed a million dollars to see her creepy younger self, two chairs, and corgis run across stage for a total of 15 minutes. 
- Carry around a mini fan whilst in Rome. I'm not joshing about the heat. I felt three gusts of wind during my time there. 

While in London, I did do some damage in Boots & Superdrug so look out for a "haul" post.


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