Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review: Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express (waterproof) Mascara

Hey guys! I’m going to preface this by saying that I only use waterproof mascara. Not water resistant- waterproof. This is because I have very straight eye lashes, which point straight ahead or downwards. In order for my lashes to hold a curl, I can only use waterproof mascaras. I’m no scientist but it’s something about the formula. Most people don’t like using waterproof mascara because it’s a pain to take off, but I’ve gotten used to it. And honestly, it’s not that bad. So, onward to the review.
Initially, I thought that Falsies Flared (also from the Maybelline Falsies line) was my HG but I’m adamant that the company changed their formula, and thus the mascara is less volumizing and lengthening. This mascara, Falsies Volum’ Express, is basically the original Falsies Flared. It’s volumizing, lengthening, and holds up my wimpy Asian lashes. It’s more volumizing than lengthening, but judging by the brush you can’t really ask for it to give you a lash extension effect. My belief is that the more bristly and big in diameter, the more volumizing the mascara. If the brush is thin and long, the more lengthening (think L’Oreal Telescopic). Also, this mascara does clump- which I think is a part of the mega volumizing effect. I like some clumping because it gives the appearance of thicker lashes. You can always use tweezers or a needle to carefully separate lashes if you think they're too clumpy (stress on the careful part). 

Another thing, the shape of this brush is unlike any I've seen before. It's kind of got a paddle-ish, 2-D tear drop shape to it. It's flat, wee bit scooped, and wide. Interesting.
Anyway, this mascara has become my go-to product for eye makeup. I can wear this without eyeliner or eye shadow and it’ll give me a little bit of oomph. I frequent the gym a lot and this is the only makeup I'll wear; just because I think it makes me look a little less scary when I'm in my sweaty "beast" mode.

Hope this review helped some!
xo Allison

PS: Waterproof mascara is the bees knees because you can wear it in any season. Summer for if you want to go for a swim (can't promise you won't get a panda eye effect), Spring if you've got watery eyes from allergies, Winter for crying during sappy holiday movies, etc.