Wednesday, April 24, 2013

*Boop!* Here we go!

I've been considering joining the blogger world for a few years after my Tumblr page turned into what feels like a typical stomping ground of GIFs and pics; and less of a place of my own. This isn't to say that I am dismissing Tumblr, because I find my fingers drifting to the letter 'T' on my keyboard, spending mindless hours hitting 'reblog' and scrolling until my fingertips bleed. I exaggerate. Kind of. Basically, what I am trying to express is that this blog will be a place of my own where I don't pathetically try to keep my number of Tumblr followers constant. This is where I will allow my inner beauty junkie to do its thing. Hopefully.

After thinking that I would be a pimply-faced, awkward teen for an eternity, I've now just turned into a girl who can conceal her occasional pimply face and run with her awkwardness. Freak flag and makeup bag in hand. With a thing of iced coffee. Yum yum.

I don't have any expectations for this blog to go viral (is that still the cool kid lingo to use?) or for a mad number of people to see this ('mad' as in a couple people), but if one person can learn something from, what I hope, my experiences with makeup, skin care, whatever-care, then I'll be a mish mosh of glee.

Hashy hashtag Beauty Cray

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