Saturday, August 31, 2013

Haul: Fall Booties


Since middle school, my shoe wardrobe has consisted of dozens of classic black Converse Low Tops, aka Chucks, and flip flops. During my senior year, I fell in love with utilitarian style boots, ie: Steve Madden Troopa Boots. Back then, I didn't have any source of independent income, so I bought a pair of look-a-likes from Forever 21 and wore them to death. And then I bought a pair of moto-style boots from Target. And then I bought more boots thereafter. Lots of them. Now that I'm older and have my own money, I snatch up any pair of good quality shoes that I can find. While I do like my snazzy riding boots from the likes of Nordstrom, I get just as excited for shoes that I buy from TJ Maxx or Target. Below are my first and second pairs of booties! I figured booties wouldn't suit my body type (short legs in comparison to my torso), but they look pretty darn good in my opinion (which is all that matters anyway). Sooo, yeah, casual, cute, comfortable. The 3 major Cs. 

White Mountain Icon Chestnut Booties 

White Mountain Icon Chestnut Booties
You can find them here:
White MountainAmazonMacy's

I found these bad boys at my local TJ Maxx for about $35.00 before tax. 

Mossimo Supply Co. Kaden Strap Ankle Boots
You can find them here:
Polyvore (Sold Out)

And then I found these black beauties at Target on sale for $24.48! 

So moral of the shoe story, buy good ones. Not all good quality shoes are hundreds of dollars! You can find some cheeky treasures if you do some digging. And if you're trying out a new style of clothing or trying out a seasonal trend, try to buy whatever it is you want at more affordable stores. If you end up not liking what you bought, you probably won't feel too gutted. Alternatively, if you're successful in your fashion endeavor, you can do as you please knowing you tested the waters, and whatnot. So, yep!

Yay! Excited for Fall now!

:) AL

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