Friday, May 13, 2016

Favorite IT Brushes For Ulta: #110 Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush + Dual Ended Highlight/Define Brush

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Today's post is all about my favorite, must have IT Brushes For Ulta.

They include the #110 Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush and the highlight/define dual ended brush from the 'Your Contour Must-Haves Set'. With these two brushes, I am able to apply my foundation, concealer, and powder effortlessly.

#110 Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush

I think this brush is perfect for those looking for a brush that can help create a full coverage look with liquid foundation. It's able to provide full coverage because of its densely packed bristles. I also use this brush when I spot conceal; and, in a pinch, I can blend out under eye concealer. 

If you're looking for a brush that doesn't offer as much coverage, the #101 brush might suit your fancy!

Dual Ended Highlight/Define Brush

This dual ended brush is meant to be used to contour and highlight the face, but I don't use it for those purposes. 

I use the 'define' end to blend out my under eye concealer and to blend away any foundation that settles into fine lines. I think it's the perfect size to fit in the under eye area (it's about the size of a dime).

I use the 'highlight' end to powder my under eye area and my face. It's a fluffy paddle brush that lays nicely on the face.  

'Define' end
'Highlight' end; frontal view
'Highlight' end; side view
Bottom Line

If you're looking for a foundation brush that gives full coverage, the #110 brush is for you. If you are looking for multipurpose brush that allows you to contour, highlight, blend, or powder, the dual ended brush from the 'Your Contour Must-Haves Set' would be ideal for you. These brushes are pricey, but I think that quality brushes are essential for building the perfect base. 

A final note, makeup brushes can be used however you choose. You can use them for their intended purposes or play around with them to see if they fulfill any other needs. 

I hope this was helpful!
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