Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Tuesday Tip: How to Keep Lashes Curled


Happy Tuesday, everyone! I just wanted to quickly share some tips for those who struggle with keeping their lashes curled, defined, and lifted. Being of Asian decent, I have straight, black lashes that almost point downwards towards my cheekbones.  So, after many trials and errors I have gathered some info for you guys :) 

First off, you'll need a good eyelash curler.  No eye shape is exactly the same, so you'll probably have to shop around to find a company which offers an eyelash curler which caters to your eye shape.  I have rather large, round almond shaped eyes (they're more round than almond, though) and I find that Revlon is the best for me (I use any curler of theirs that has a spring).  Once you've found an eyelash curler which works for you, practice curling your lashes. And take your time. I literally spend more time curling my lashes than any other makeup step. Practice starting from the roots to the tips. If you want to flare out your lashes more, don't curl the very tip of your lashes. Personally, after I've curled up & down, I like to lightly push my eyelash curler to the very, very base of my lashes and curl there. And don't forget to turn your face slightly to see how your lashes look from an angle.

Next, search for a mascara! I'm a big fan of drugstore mascaras (specifically Maybelline or L'Oreal products). It's a rule of thumb that you shouldn't use a mascara for more than a couple of months (to prevent any unwanted infections), so why shell out major bucks at a pricier place? Now, this is probably the most important tip for keeping your lashes curled: Use A Waterproof Mascara. Something about a waterproof formula is great for preventing lashes from drooping and straightening. 

Lastly, if you've just tried out a brand new mascara and decide that you don't like it, wait a little bit. Give the mascara a chance to dry out a bit so the wand can apply the mascara formula to your lashes with a little bit of resistance (you can try it out again within the same week or wave the wand). The added tackiness can help build up the product too. Now, this does not mean that you should wait for the mascara to actually dry out. 

So, yeah! I hope that these three tips can help any of you which strive to keep straight lashes curved, flaired, and pretty! 

Feel free to share any of your own tips below :)

:) AL 

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